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What is gin and how is it made?

The gin trend continues unabated, new gins appear on the market every...

What is gin and how is it made?

The gin trend continues unabated, new gins appear on the market every week. But how is gin actually produced?
In order to produce a gin for the first time, you need an alcohol that is as pure as possible. This can be made from any carbohydrate-containing raw material and distilled. Mostly, however, from cereals, potatoes or sugar molasses.
Gin acquires its characteristic taste with the addition of certain botanicals (herbs and spices).
Depending on the gin, various botanicals are used.
Depending on origin and regionality, about 120 different ingredients can be used as flavours and active ingredients in the production of gin.

For example coriander, anise, caraway, fennel seeds, cumin, cinnamon, liquorice, violet root, ginger, cardamom, pepper, calamus, almonds, savory, rosemary and nutmeg. Most gins are enriched with 6-10 flavourings, but in recent years there has been a trend to use more and more botanicals.
Flavoring can be done during distillation or after distillation. Either the alcohol vapours are passed directly through the botanicals and absorb the aromas in the process or the botanicals are placed in the original alcohol and then distilled again (maceration).
In a London Dry Gin, the juniper berries must be predominant. Hence the typical taste. Forerunner of the Gins was the Dutch Genever. Who invented the Gin is not completely clarified, according to the oldest sources it is to have originated in the 17th century in England, when Frenchmen and Dutchmen brought along a liquor with the name Jenever from their homeland.
Today there are 5 widespread variants of gin:
- London Dry Gin (dry)
- Dry Gin (dry, less juniper-rich)
- Plymouth Dry Gin (sweeter and spicier)
- Old Tom Gin (sweet)
- Genever (sweet and aromatic)
Known cocktails and londrinks from Gin are:
Gin Tonic and Gin Fizz, the Dry Martini - James Bond's favourite drink
Negroni, Tom Collins and what they're all called.
Unlike whisky and rum, gin is a simple spirit, which means it does not need to be stored and is therefore ready for immediate sale. That's why there are so many gin brands on the market.


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